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Notes on multibyte string (latin-1, cp1252, utf-8, ...)

Posted by Michel Albert 2007-11-21

Inaccurate results with certain strings

Posted by Michel Albert 2007-11-21

SVN Access

It's *finally* also in SVN. Go to to get some details how to grab the source.

However, I am thinking to migrate to some DVCS like git or BZR as SVN is painfully slow to use. Even though it's a lot faster than CVS ;)

I still can't decide which one to use. BZR is interesting as the syntax is quite similar to SVN. But my gut-feeling tells me: "Use git. You will regret it otherwise!" ;) And so far my gut-feeling was always right....

Posted by Michel Albert 2007-10-14

Download for python-ngram is now working

I re-packaged the module. It now includes everything needed. Go get the new release.

Posted by Michel Albert 2006-07-06

Error in python-ngram release!

Bug report is here:

The current release does not contain anythong useful. Somehow the packaging went wrong. I will do my best to update this release as soon as possible. However as I know how things are usually going something *will* try to get in between me and the work. But I will do my best.... read more

Posted by Michel Albert 2006-07-05

python-ngram webpage is up

Although it's only an amalgamation of the info already found on the sourceforge project page I put one up anyway. This prevents people from seeing this ugly directory listing ;)

Posted by Michel Albert 2006-07-04

First release

First release is out. It works fine for me, I don't see much need for improvment so future changes are unlikely. It's still tagged as "beta" although I had no problems so far.

If anything should surface, feel free to add that to the sourceforge tracker/feature request pages.

Web page should be up by the end of the week too.

Posted by Michel Albert 2006-07-04