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CSV module in Python Standard Library

Several people, including myself, are working on a csv module for the Python Standard Library. It is slated to be included in Python 2.3 and is already available via CVS. I will post a new version of DSV that builds on top of this module in the next couple of days. Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Posted by Cliff Wells 2003-03-19

1.4.0 Released - Important!

1.3.9 and probably previous versions had a superfluous and expensive function call in the import wizard. 1.4.0 removes this and import times should be cut in half for large files.

Posted by Cliff Wells 2003-01-22

Python-DSV Has a Home Page!

Finally got a home page up with a screenshot and some basic instructions.

Posted by Cliff Wells 2002-11-04