Release of python-ngram 1.0.1b2

Finally I got around to build the dist-files and upload them. Enjoy.

You might notice that there are only the source distribution and the windows binary distribution. I decided to drop the rest because they are in my opinion unneeded. They all behave exactly the same as the source distribution anyway. Yes, I could have created the other files as well for convenience, but how hard is it really to type "python install"? ;)

And yes, as the windows-people like the click-and-play behaviour, I kept the .exe file.

The other reason behind this, is that it's awkward to release multiple files on sourceforge. For *every* ... *single* ... *file* you have to select the settings and refresh the page. After the first few releases, it really becomes tedious and repetitive.

- End.

Posted by Michel Albert 2013-04-29

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