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Release 0.21

After a long hiatus I finally cleaned up some annoying bugs.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2005-01-06

Pytalk 0.20 released

Much more robust parsing (and more maintainable code)

Many improvements to generation

Improvements to for better semantics refactored somewhat and experimental use of indexed files instead of shelves (performance suffers however)

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2002-03-27

Standalone sub-projects updated

I've released updated (matches today's CVS) versions of,, and so it's not necessary to download the entire .zip or .tgz just to get the updated components.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2002-01-18

Version 0.19 Released

Last version before 2002.

Here are some things that are working now:

>what is a wombat?
..a kind of animal.
>is it a marsupial?
..yes, a wombat is a marsupial.
>does it have legs?
..yes, a wombat has legs.
>how many legs does it have?
..a wombat has 4 legs.
>how many hairs does a beaver have?
..a beaver has lots of hairs.
>what color is a blue truck?
>what is a gimlet? alcoholic beverage.
>what is a herpetologist?
..a kind of scientist that studies reptiles.
>what is a glimpse?
..a quick look.
>what does 'embrace' mean?
..totally accept.
>what does 'belabor' mean?
..excessively stress.
>what is a whit?
..a shred.
>what is a shred?
..a small amount.
>tell me what a nightmare is.
..a frightening dream.
>what is affirmative?
>can an ostrich fly?
>can a bird fly?
..yes, a bird flies.
>can a penguin fly?
>is a penguin a bird?
..yes, a penguin is a bird.
>is a wombat a mammal?
..yes, a wombat is a mammal.
>is a penguin a mammal?
>what is a penguin?
..a kind of bird.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-12-18

Version 0.18 released is now a somewhat useful replacement for It can be used to query the information in the frames database by asking natural language questions. Any constructions which aren't handled echo back a (roughly) equivalent sentence. This is in order to continue testing generation.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-11-30

Pytalk 0.17 released is getting close to replacing as a chatbot with this version. I'm estimating it may be a true replacement within a month (for sufficiently large values of month).

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-11-21

New version released

This version is to fix problems when using gdb for shelves.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-10-11

New version released

This version incorporates all changes to date in CVS. CVS updates may be more infrequent from here on, but releases may be more frequent.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-07-13

TGZ fixed

Line endings on the TGZ should be fixed now.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-04-06

Files updated

This is the final (fixed) version of 0.10. The setup has been simplified and some bugs were fixed.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-03-28

Files released

I made some of the independently useful parts available for download. I hope to create the full packages soon.

Posted by Scott Hennesy 2001-03-02