#27 Table class method where() does not work on indexed columns


When using the Table class method where() on indexed
columns, it will not return values even if they are
within the given condition.

Attached is code that demonstrates this problem. The
code does this by creating a table with two columns
with identical data, the only difference being that one
column is indexed, and the other is not. When using
where() with identical ranges on both the columns the
call on the non-indexed column will return values,
while the call on the indexed column will not.

I have tested this code with PyTables 0.9.1, and the
problem is not present in that version.


  • Justin Bronn

    Justin Bronn - 2005-05-16

    Code to demonstrate the where() problem on indexed columns.

  • Francesc Altet

    Francesc Altet - 2005-05-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • Francesc Altet

    Francesc Altet - 2005-05-17

    Logged In: YES


    This was a bug and has been fixed now in SVN
    repository. You can get a snapshot in
    after migdnight (UTC).

    I'm attaching the patch just in case.

  • Francesc Altet

    Francesc Altet - 2005-05-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> falted

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