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PySumpas 1.1.0 Released!

PySumpas 1.1.0 has been released.

This release brings the removal of Blowfish support and dependency on the py-bcrypt module. The random password generator can now provide 8 or 16 character passwords, and a non-repeatable random hash option has been added.

Posted by Nolan 2009-06-18

PuSumpas 1.0.0 released!

The first "complete" version of PySumpas has been released! In addition to the previous releases, support for random passwords has been added. In the future look forward to MD5sums and SHA256sums generated from this random data as well. Happy hacking!

Posted by Nolan 2009-01-30

pysumpas-0.4.0 Released!

Version 0.4.0 of PySumpas has been released.
0.4.0 brings the following changes:
-Use of Python's hashlib was dropped in favor of the Python Cryptography Toolkit, though Damien Miller's py-bcrypt module remains necessary for Blowfish support.
-Documentation was updated.

Posted by Nolan 2008-11-19

Alert: PySumpas 0.3.1 - Bug-fix Release

After the package upload it was realized that the 0.3.0 copy of contained the working copy instead of the release copy. As such, the 0.3.0 release is not functional. Please download 0.3.1 or use a previous version. Sorry for any confusion. Also, be sure to track the project on LaunchPad.

Posted by Nolan 2008-11-14

PySumpas 0.3.0 Released!

Version 0.3.0 of PySumpas has been released. New in this version is the capability of generating Blowfish passwords, provided that the Damien Miller's py-bcrypt module is installed. See for the necessary module.

Posted by Nolan 2008-11-13

PySumpas 0.2.0 Released!

Eager to provide a better product, PySumpas has been reworked. Version 0.2.0 presents the switch from Tkinter's .pack() geometry management to the .grid() system. More importantly, support for SHA1 generation is included along with the previous MD5 support.

Posted by Nolan 2008-10-29

Initial PySumpas Release!

PySumpas 0.1.0 has been released for download and use.
PySumpas is a Python/Tkinter program that will generate checksums to be used as passwords based on user input. For more information visit the project page or view the documentation included with the download.

Posted by Nolan 2008-10-27