How do I fix the hanafuda suit duplication?

  • Mintavia

    Mintavia - 2012-11-16

    Still can't get my fuda to work.   I don't speak code so if you could use small words and help me step by step I would be ever soooo happy.  I love my fuda games and have not been able to play them for ages.  I saw somewhere on the site that there was a fix?

  • Hairspring

    Hairspring - 2012-11-16

    Hi Mintavia, I'd be happy to try to help, but I'll also need a lot of help from you.  Let me explain…

    I'm a programmer, but I don't use PysolFC myself.  My wife enjoys PysolFC and in the past has had some small problems which I've investigated.  Seeing your message I asked her about it.

    She has never played Hanafuda, so we tried it.  Hmm, what to do?  Read the help… try the demo… still puzzled… read Wikipedia!  Wow, what a fascinating history! :)  We're both amazed, but both think it looks very challenging, neither of us are likely to learn Hanafuda ourselves.

    However, I'm happy to try to work with you to identify the problem and how to fix it.  The result may even be that you learn a very little of the code yourself - and don't be afraid of that, it's amazing how little you need to learn.  I don't mean you'll learn to write a program like Pysol yourself, but learning enough to get a vague idea of what some parts of a program do, and which are relevant to the problem - that's a goal I've seen many people achieve despite initially imagining they had no skills.  Quite clearly, if you can understand Hanafuda, you have more than enough skills!!

    First, state here exactly what this suit duplication problem is.  Don't assume any background knowledge.  Perhaps someone else will post a solution.  Then, if you don't get an answer within a few days, send me a message (click on the blue 'hairspring' of this message) and we can discuss further steps by email, and report here if we make progress.

    I have to add that I'm disappointed by how inactive this project is.  If there were annual releases and a more active developer community I'd be happy to participate.  PysolFC is a great project, it would be criminal to let it fade away.


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