Notification of a lost game?

  • Mark Grieveson

    Mark Grieveson - 2013-01-31

    Hello.  Thanks for developing this great program.  I am wondering if it is possible for the program to inform you when you have lost, IE, "no more moves available" or "you lost".  It does inform you of when you have won, but not when you have lost.  Is this possible to set up?  I searched the options, but didn't find it. 

    Currently, the only way I know to check is to request a "hint" via "assist".  But then, if I still had some moves left, and end up winning and completing the game, I am chastised for getting help.  I'd rather seek help when I know the game still has some moves (and thus I would accept the chastisement for seeking assistance) rather than receive such chastisement when I'm simply checking if the game still has any possible moves (IE, I'd rather this circumstance didn't exist and thus I'd never have to check for this).

  • Skomoroh

    Skomoroh - 2013-02-05

    There is an undocumented feature: "You Are Stuck" indicator.

    Edit the config file c:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\PySolFC\options.cfg or ~/options.cfg

    Change the line: statusbar_stuck = False -> statusbar_stuck = True

    On the left side of statusbar will be an indicator. "x" means that you're stuck (or no hints available).

    But it works not very well…


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