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Resuming development

All is in the title really. Had issues, put this thingy on hiatus without warning. Have no excuse. Want to finish this thing as an excuse to catch up with latest devs in Python (what means catching up with the latest 4 years :).

So I get back to work... Expect many things to be rewritten/changed before the existing feature set starts evolving again.

Posted by Xavier Lagraula 2005-06-22

Worth a look, at last.

After 2 faulty releases, and then one still lacking command line options processing, the latest release of PySocks is at last worth downloading: there IS something that starts to look like a user interface (config file & command line options).

Two importants features are still missing (suport for multi-homed server ans a request validation rules system), but this proxy is at last usable without too much pain. Just read the documentation carefully...

Posted by Xavier Lagraula 2001-05-30