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pysnmp-4.1.16b has been released

New to this release:

- Oneliner CommandGenerator can now optionally ignore non-increasing OIDs.
- Default CommandResponder now skips non-compliant (Counter64) values when responding to a v1 Manager.
- Fix to state information handling at CommandResponder app.
- Fix to Twisted reactor shutdown condition.
- Fix to distutils dependencies syntax.

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-08-13

pysnmp-4.1.16a has been released

New to this revision:

* Up to 40% performance improvement on frequent SNMPv3 operations
(with the latest pyasn1 release).
* Extended Security Options (3DESEDE, AES192, AES256) privacy protocols implemented (may need further testing).
* Many fixes here and there (see CHANGES).

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2011-03-17

pysnmp-4.1.15a has been released

New to this revision:

* SNMP Proxy example added
* CommandResponder API now supports async operation mode
* Lexicographic walking mode is now supported at oneliner CommandGenerator
* ContextEngineId&ContextName parameters now supported at oneliner API
* Multiple instances of the same transport domain now supported.
* Many significant fixes and improvements (see CHANGES for full list)

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2010-12-13

pysnmp 10th birthday

Today pysnmp project turns ten! Happy birthday!

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2010-11-14

The first beta of PySNMP 3.x has been released

This is the first beta release of 3.x branch of PySNMP software, a SNMP framework aimed at developing a highly extensible, modular and standards compliant SNMP implementation purely in Python programming language.

Features of the 3.x branch include better ASN.1 object model and highly flexible, low-level API to SNMP functionality.

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2002-10-01

PySNMP 2.0.1 is out

I've decided to release the 2.x branch even it has not yet been made backward compatible with the 1.x.

That is mostly because the 2.x version seems to have many useful things implemented (like SNMP v.2x and SNMP agents). Also, the API of 2.x stuff looks more logical and is easier to use. That's why I'd appreciate PySNMP users to try to use the
2.x version in their new projects.

I'm still looking forward developing a compatibility layer to keep 1.x API running over the 2.x code.... read more

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2002-05-20

Development source tree has been committed to CVS

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2002-01-25

PySNMP 1.5.1 is out

Major re-write of PySNMP has been released. Details on

Posted by Ilya Etingof 2001-01-29