#44 incorrect UDP checksum

Brian K

Thanks for your recent work on the bugs I've submitted. When it's safe for us to merge with the latest from CVS, I will let you know whether the fixes work for me.

Wireshark reports that the UDP checksums calculated by Pysnmp are wrong. Could you look at this?


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    I can't imagine how pysnmp could affect UDP checksum calculation. This is up to tcp/ip stack in the kernel. To my understanding, app does not have any influence over this (unless you are using raw/packet socket interface). If you have a NAT device in the middle, it may be its fault...


  • Brian K

    Brian K - 2007-04-06
    • status: open --> closed
  • Brian K

    Brian K - 2007-04-06

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    Sorry for the bother on this one, Ilya. Indeed, Pysnmp is not to blame.

    Another guy in the office turned off checksumming with ethtool and found that the checksum was calculated correctly. We don't know all that is to blame for the problem, but we don't suspect Pysnmp.


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