#54 SerialException

v1.0 (example)

Educator trying to use a Scribbler 2 Robot and Python. Running Windows 7 , Windows 32 bit Python 2.7 , we see a version of PySerial 2.5 , there is no 2.6 version for Windows that we can see.

We installed pyserial 2.5, When trying to upgrade our "fluke"
we get: pyserial32.py , line 56 in open Raise Serial Exception could not open port % % % ...
we get SerialException: Could not open Port 3: [Error 5] Access is Denied


  • Kelly Powers

    Kelly Powers - 2012-04-28

    Error trying to upgrade fluke firmware using bluetooth and Pyserial

  • Chris Liechti

    Chris Liechti - 2012-08-16

    "access denied" probably means that there is an other application also accessing the com port. The text in the DOS box also shows a comma "," in front of the port name (though it appears correctly in the error message).

    pyserial 2.6 is available as source distribution via http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyserial (you could use e.g. "pip install pyserial" to get it, or download extract and run "setup.py install")

  • Chris Liechti

    Chris Liechti - 2013-10-11
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