Leif Hedstrom - 2005-10-27

Hi all,

I've finally finished all changes to the Python APIs, bringing it up
to speed with all the search services API. This is a major release,
since I also decided to refactor the search modules to be more
manageable. The changes includes

        * Added support for MyWeb2, Audio and Site Explorer.
        * Major refactoring of all classes/modules.
        * Updated with all changes to Search APIs, parameters etc.
        * Improved documentation and examples.
        * Plenty of bugfixes.... I mean, improvements.

This is available for download from the SourceForge page, at


This particular release is available at

This release is "compatible" with the old 1.x version, but please
don't use the old APIs unless necessary. The new module organization
is just much cleaner. :) Please report bugs and problems, or any other
feedback, on the SourceForge site.


-- leif