Can't connect over WAN

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    I have the server loaded on an XP box on my LAN and the client loaded on my Ubuntu box. I have opened port 9999 on the NAT Router. When I try to connect to the server using my WAN IP or another player tries to connect from the WAN we get the message:  User timeout caused connection failure.

    If I attempt the connection on the LAN side it connects. Has anybody been able to create a private host and had success connecting to it over the internet?

    There are 2 servers that show up when I do a list public servers but neither will allow connections. Are they dead?
    1 is and the other is Are these actual servers responding to the query from PyScrabble or are they just hardwired into the code?

    It looks like a nice little game if only it would work over the internet.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK, to answer my own question:

      I installed the server on an XP box and the directions mentioned the server config file being in resources folder. I didn't see one so I created one in there. I used the default 9999 for the game port and it worked OK inside my LAN. For some reason no one outside could connect. I tried changing the port because I looked up port 9999 and found it is was some known trojan port. People STILL couldn't connect. I came back to the help forum here and found out that on Windows the config file is in the Document setting folder structure. I deleted the one I created in the resource folder under the Pyscrabble directory. Everything seems to be working now. I guess the program was getting lost trying to figure out which file to follow. I still don't know why 9999 didn't work unless Comcast is blocking the inbound port. SO I have switched to another port and the game plays great.

      Thanks, Kevin, for a fun little game. We use Skype for voice chatting while playing and we have a ball.



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