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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'd like to see different modes of challenging implemented.
    Part of the fun of official scrabble is that you can play phonies (invalid words) which look like real words but if your opponent does not challenge the word it is left on the board and points scored.
    There should be an option to not have the computer check words, and instead have a "challenge word" button so the other players can challenge the word.
    Getting the computer to check each word before it is played is OK, but it would be nice to be able to challenge words too.

    • Kevin Conaway

      Kevin Conaway - 2006-06-16

      You're not alone with this complaint.

      I do have some reservations however.  Seeing as how the word list is shipped with the game, players could look up whether a word is valid or not before issuing a challenge.  In this manner, it would take all the fun out of challenges because people would only challenge when they know for a fact that word doesn't exist.

      I'm also confused as to how challenges can exist in games with more than 2 players.  Can any particular player challenge at any time?

      Feel free to email me to discuss it further,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >I'm also confused as to how challenges can exist in games with more than 2 players. Can any particular player challenge at any time?

      OK, good question - I'm not sure what the official rule is on this, but online Scrabble sites I have seen seem to do either one of two things -

      a) sites will allow all other players to challenge a word on the board after it has been played and before the next word is played or

      b) allow only the player whose turn it is to challenge a word played by the previous player.

      The penalty for making an incorrect challenge tends to be varied as well, ranging from missing your turn for challenging a valid word or losing some points off the challenger's score, to having no penanlty at all for an incorrect challenge.

      Hope this helps.


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