Portable? (run from USB stick)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is Pyscrabble portable?  That is, does it write settings to the registry etc. or does it install completely into it's own directory.

    If it is not dependant on the computer then it could be installed on a USB drive and carried around!

    • Kevin Conaway

      Kevin Conaway - 2007-03-15


      I'm assuming you're talking about the Windows version?  There are two things you need to be aware of:

      - The Windows service version of the server needs registry values.  If you're just running the client, you should be OK from that standpoint.
      - The client reads and writes configuration information to your user home directory (e.g., c:\documents and settings\<user name>\Application Data\pyscrabble).  If you have your system setup to have that directory on your USB stick, then you're all set.  Otherwise, your configuration information will be lost if you move to a new system.

      Thanks for playing!


      Kevin Conaway


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