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Pysaprfc 1.0.0 released

After a long pause here comes the first stable release of pysaprfc. There haven't been much changes since release 0.99.0. The most noticeable change is the new, more "pythonic" way to perform RFCs including the ability to send (and also receive) both simple and complex ABAP datastructures as arguments.

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2004-04-04

Pysaprfc 0.99.0 released

This is the first release in the beta series. It adds few new features like the ability to execute arbitrary abap code, support for additional datatypes and conversion routines.

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2003-09-24

Pysaprfc 0.2.2 released

The main highlight of this release is an altrenative implementation of the RFC server - RfcServerEx which is more stable than its predecessor RfcServer. All users are encouraged to use RfcServerEx in their projects as RfcServer migth become obsolete in future releases.
Server RFCs now have a connection attribute which enables performing RFC callbacks.
There are also bug fixes for the Storage object (which should now be useable :-) ) and the Struct object (conversion to/from string).

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2003-07-12

Pysaprfc 0.2.1 is out

This release adds support for RFC-enabled SAP R/3 systems prior to version 4 (3.1I). There is also small Python 2.3 compatibility fix (one of regression test for structures used to fail under Python 2.3).

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2003-06-26

Version 0.2.0 of pysaprfc released

Pysaprfc 0.2.0 adds support for writting SAP RFC servers in Python and a Storage object to store data defintions and function interfaces locally. And there are also some bugfixes ...

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2003-06-14

First public release of pysaprfc

Pysaprfc is a Python interface to SAP R/3 systems (from 4.0 onwards) using ctypes Python module and librfc shared library provided by SAP. It enables remote function calling and manipulation of SAP datatypes from within Python.
Details at .

Posted by Klavdij Voncina 2003-05-16