I have a little question about sap and pysap.

I want to lauch from python a query in sap.

I have a few querys I want to integrate in batch

I have search in internet (it take a long time !!) and I
found a VB example witch use the function

I see this function in SE37 transaction.

But with pysap if I test :
func = sap.get_interface('RSAQ_REMOTE_QUERY_CALL')
# with sap, my connexion
I got a :
SapRfcError: '105 - FU_NOT_FOUND, FU_NOT_FOUND'


I have a problem.

1) the transaction is not correct ?
2) I make a mistake with pysap to find this function ?

But I can read the listing of my query with function
I see the function exe_abap. But I don't know how
to give parameters and type of output (archive file
with path to the location of the file).

Gosh... SAP is not intuitive and good
documentation is hard to find.

Not like python !