#324 install fails and no further install can happen

Mahesh S


When I install the 1.9.4 python sis file, the install fails midway with the "Unable to Install" error. Post this stage, no symbian applications can be installed or uninstalled on the device.

Device: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I came to the conclusion that Python for S60 is the source of the problem because I had to re-flash the device 2 days earlier with the same problem after installing python. This time, I installed all my usual applications and installed Python the last. Post this, no SIS file will install or uninstall.

Also, None of the symbian applications in the device are displayed in the Installed applications List.


  • Mahesh S

    Mahesh S - 2009-05-11

    Please log this bug at maemo garage (https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=854&atid=3201), the official portal of Python for S60 1.9.x and also specify the firmware version of the device.

  • Mahesh S

    Mahesh S - 2009-06-09
    • assigned_to: jplauril --> sayibabu
  • Mahesh S

    Mahesh S - 2009-06-09

    Thanks for your bug report. However, it is missing some of the
    following information:

    - PyS60 version used (you can mark this in the "Group" field)
    E.g. "1.3.11, the 2ndEdFP3 package from SourceForge"

    - if tested on a device, the device used and its firmware
    version. You can see the firmware version by entering *#0000# in
    the idle screen. E.g. "Tested on 6630, firmware 6.03.08 13-02-06."

    - if tested on the emulator, the SDK version used. E.g. "Tested
    on S60 3rd Edition Maintenance Release emulator"

    - a minimal test case demonstrating the problem (if applicable)

    Posting these would help us in tracking down the problem. Thanks.

  • Mahesh S

    Mahesh S - 2009-06-09

    HI, Are you still seeing this problem ? You can check with PyS60 1.9.5. We are not able to reproduce this.


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