#310 appuifw.app.menu doesn't raise exception if exceeding limits

appuifw (50)

When assigning the following structure to appuifw.app.menu, it apparently seems to work, however, the last options in the menu don't call anything.

The documentation says:
"The maximum allowed number of items in a menu, or items in a submenu, or submenus in a menu is 30."
I had assumed this means that I can create a menu structure consisting of up to 30 submenus each holding up to 30 items, thus my structure should easily fit.
However, when using the structure as shown here:
The 'sub 5' -> 'item 3' does not result in the appropriate callback being called. It seems that the complexity of the total menu structure is limited to around 30 as well.
Now assuming that this is the case, and I misinterpreted the documentation, I would still expect that when exceeding this limit, an exception would be raised. However, the code seems to run fine, only doesn't call the specified callback function.

Please have PyS60 raise an exception if the menu being assigned is too complex to handle.
And I suggest to be more clear in the documentation about what the limitation actually means, and what happens when you exceed it.


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