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Python ports for QNX4 and QNX6 / News: Recent posts

Python bindings for Qt2/Qt3 and SIP-3.1 released for QNX6.1

PyQt-3.1-2.3.2 and SIP-3.1 have been ported to QNX6.1 and are available at
the project pyqnx !!

Armin Steinhoff

Posted by Armin 2002-05-05

Python 2.2 for QNX6.1 released

The version 2.2 of Python is now ported to QNX6.1
Downloadable are the ported sources and binaries, as well as a QNX6 specific shell script in order to run the configure script.

Have fun with Python 2.2 in real-time :)

Fieldbus extensions for CAN and Profibus are available as commercial products.

Posted by Armin 2001-12-23