#72 Basic Questions, ephem.(Date), Star Catalog


I'm fairly familiar with astro terminology like ra/dec, alt/az, epoch, coordinate systems, but Im' puzzled by the meaning of ephem.Date(somedate). What does it do? I'm looking at the tutorial, but d=ephem.Date('1984/12/21 15:00) doesn't mean much. What ephemeris?

Around 8 pages in there's an example involving polaris, yh=ephem.readdb(... Where does the argument come from? A star catalog I guess, but would type it in? Why not show where to get the entry? What's yh?

How does one update the star (fixed objects) catalog?

Earlier there's a reference to Lowell. Lowll obs in Flagstaff, AZ? Doesn't look like it. Long is way wrong.

Print is kinda small here in Firefox.

Add Artifact? Everyone has it's ow word for post I guess.


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