#338 Ratings for packages?

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I often find PyPi difficult to use, as there are so many packages to choose from!

So, would it be possible to implement a Ratings system of some kind, so that users can vote and add comments?

I would be willing to help with the implementation if necessary.

Thanks ...

Richard Prosser
PS I have searched for similar requests but I did not find any.


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2014-01-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2014-01-22

    We have had a ratings system in the past and it proved extremely contentious so it was removed. We are looking at adding something to the next iteration of the PyPI software (called Warehouse while under development).

  • Richard Prosser

    Richard Prosser - 2014-01-22

    Thanks for that comment - at least people who are interested in the topic can find out why there isn't a ratings system at present.

    Further, https://wiki.python.org/moin/UsefulModules may be a good starting point, in particular the Editorial Notes: "Do list modules that: Get recommended often in the Tutor or comp.lang.python lists".


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