#236 Removing dead URLs for a package?


Hi, I've been trying to figure out why pip install of BitVector is so slow. It looks like this is from lots of links to old dead download URLs that the author is no longer providing. Avi, the author, has removed the ?download from the URL, but there are tons of errors chewing up time during the process of figuring out which version it is going to install. e.g.

Could not fetch URL http://RVL4.ecn.purdue.edu/%7ekak/dist/BitVector-1.4.tar.gz?download (from http://pypi.python.org/simple/BitVector/\):
HTTP Error 301: The HTTP server returned a redirect error that would lead to an infinite loop.

Is there a way that he can remove those old dead urls from the pypi database?

Attached log created by doing the following on Ubuntu 12.04:

virtualenv ve
pip -v --log install-bitvector.log install BitVector


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2013-03-07

    If the author of the package uploads it to PyPI then the issue should go away.

  • Martin v. Löwis

    More precisely, the author can edit the old release pages through the web. He doesn't need to re-upload the old releases, merely edit the description pages. Alternatively, if the old releases aren't available anyway, he can also chose to entirely delete those releases from PyPI.


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