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Hi all,

When I try to upload a new version of my Pastebin package to pypi, (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Pastebin), I am receiving an error saying that I am not allowed to edit 'pastebin' package information?

When I try:

>>> python setup.py sdist upload

I get:

Upload failed (403): You are not allowed to edit 'pastebin' package information

The only thing that has changed is a bug-fix to one of the methods? The package is registered and I have uploaded in this manner before, so I don't understand why it has suddenly started denying me the ability to upload it?

If it helps, the current code is available at https://github.com/Morrolan/PastebinAPI.

Kind Regards
Morrolan / FeersumEndjinn

When I


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2013-01-23

    Are you sure you're using the "Morrolan" login to PyPI when running that command?

    I also note that the error indicates a lowercase "p" - make sure you use the same capitalisation in your metadata.

  • Morrolan

    Morrolan - 2013-02-26

    My metadata does use the same capitalisation.

    How can I ask SetupTools to forget my saved credentials and force it to ask me for them again? I think I may have changed my password in the intervening time?

  • Morrolan

    Morrolan - 2013-02-26

    On a side note - I've just created and registered a new module with pypi, so I know that my credentials are correct?

    I'm anxious to get a bug-fix update out as soon as possible to my pastebin module as one of the key features is broken in the current build.

    Kind Regards,

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2013-02-26

    The name in the setup.py has "pastebin" (lower case) but the registered name is "Pastebin" (upper case).

    You get the 403 error because the "pastebin" package is not registered, and you can't register a new package with the "upload" command (the permission error here is less than ideal, I know, and it's on my List Of Things To Fix.)

  • Morrolan

    Morrolan - 2013-02-27

    Hi Richard, that's fantastic! I have no idea how that crept in there, but now it has allowed me to upload a new version.

    many thanks for the quick response :)

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2013-02-27
    • status: open --> closed

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