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#209 Clarify quota rules


Since GitHub have unfortunately deprecated their downloads page for releases, a lot of Python packages who were already not doing so will likely try and move their release downloads to PyPI, which is where the downloads really belong in the first place. However, I could not find anywhere a description of the upload size limits. Is there a limit on individual file sizes, and if so, what is it? And is there a limit on the total size of downloads for a given project? user? Can these quotas be increased a little if necessary?


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones - 2012-12-19

    The current limit per file is 40MB. There is no overall quota. There is no facility at present for varying this per package. Was there a specific concern you had?

  • Thomas Robitaille

    This is exactly the information I needed - thanks! I just wanted to make sure that even if the quotas were fine for now, they would not cause issues as our package (astropy) grew, but I don't think we are likely to hit the limit anytime soon.

    I think it would be worth adding a note to the upload page for PyPI explicitly stating the file size limit (if there is already a note, I could not see it).

  • Michael Droettboom

    I'm surprised the file size limit is so large. On another project I work on, matplotlib, which has a 35MB tar file, using ` sdist upload` returns a HTTP 104 "Connection reset by peer". Uploading through the web interface hangs for a long time and then returns the same HTTP error. Artificially reducing the file size to 1MB by only including some of the files in the package works fine (though I haven't done any experimentation to see how large the file can get before it fails).

    Let me know if you'd prefer I open a new bug for this.


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