#185 Change owner of duckduckgo


Excuse me if this is not the correct way to ask.
I would like to take ownership of the duckduckgo module on pypi.
The owner has not updated it in two years, so it does not currently work with all fields and options the DuckDuckGo API has.
He has not responded to pull requests, he disappeared from IRC and github, etc. quite a while ago.
I work for DuckDuckGo (can be verified by emailing my username at duckduckgo.com if necessary), and have updated the module to dynamically handle URL arguments, and to handle the new fields properly: https://github.com/crazedpsyc/python-duckduckgo


  • Martin v. Löwis

    This is the right place to ask.

    However, I'm sorry that we have to deny this request. We generally only transfer ownership *to* the author of a package, in case somebody else registered the package. This doesn't seem to be the case here: the author of the Python package is also the PyPI package owner.

    I suggest that you fork the package under a different name, e.g. duckduckgo2.

  • Martin v. Löwis

    • status: open --> closed

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