Beta 22 - Major fix to pedigree reordering routine

The git news in this relase are major bugfixes to pyp_utils/reorder(). I've fixed cases where the pedigree was not correctly reordered. When this happened, pyp_utils/renumber() caught KeyErrors while looking up sires/dams and set parents to unknown, ignoring known relationships in the pedigree. George Wiggans's persistent reports that the relationships being calculated were just not right led to the root cause of the problem. Thanks, George!

Other changes include the removal of pyp_utils/reorder_list(), the addition of a new option, renumber_max_rounds, a bugfix in pyp_nrm/inbreeding() so that it correctly works with pre-calculated NRM, and a new function, pyp_io/write_ijk(), which saves an NRM to a disk in ijk format.

Posted by John B. Cole 2007-06-26

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