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PyPE Subversion

PyPE is now available via subversion. I probably should have put it up years ago, but eh?

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2009-05-10


Does anyone have some screenshots of PyPE running in Linux or on a Mac? Alternatively, have people been having issues running PyPE on Linux or Mac that would preclude such screenshots from being taken?

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2006-04-05


Sorry about those find/replace bugs. I hadn't been using 'replace all', 'replace in selection' or even 'find previous' very often, but I should have checked everything when I added in the interactive 'replace all' and 'replace in selection'. Sorry about that.

I hope everyone likes the embedded Python and command shells. There are still a few nits that I'd like to fix, but not for a while - they work quite well for what I indended them to.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2006-03-06

Embedded shell?

I have previously spoken against the embedding of shells in PyPE, primarily because I have had bad luck with certain editors crashing during experimentation. What do I mean? Take any one of a number of Python source editors with an embedded shell and try 'while 1: pass'. Note how you've essentially killed your editor? Ick.

During my use of wx.Shell, I've come to the point where embedding shells is somewhat reasonable. You can get an ugly command-line and/or Python interpreter with the current shell, but that's only one. I, like many of you, tend to have a handful of command lines open, not a few of which are Python shells, and honestly, I prefer seeing a shell with syntax highlighting.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2005-11-16

PyPE 2.1 release

Skipping a 2.0 release (because I've been numbering the betas 2.0.x), we've gone straight to a non-beta 2.1 . I've been running this version for the last week or so, and it has been quite solid so far. This is a suggested upgrade to everyone who has ever run PyPE.

A big thank you to Dave Schuyler, who poked and prodded me for months during the various betas suggesting features and offering code, I don't know how many revisions we emailed back and forth (but I could probably count if I really wanted to). He is directly and/or indirectly responsible for much of the intuitive Find/Replace behavior, the toolbar, swapping locations of the name/line and log bars, Search tab, smartcasing, ctags, and others.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2005-08-13

PyPE 2.0 sometime

Work on the 2.0 betas is progressing, albeit slowly (I've also got work and paper writing, there is only so much time to spare). The next beta/release will include an updated find in files tab with support for multiple types of views, cTags searching, and other goodies.

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2005-05-26

PyPE 2.x status

So, after spending all too much time working on a rewrite of PyPE, I decided to just start hacking on PyPE 1.9.3, adding in those pieces that I had promised in the last news post.

I have many of the changes that I wanted to get in done, though it is not done yet. I had promised another PyPE user that it would be done by January 1st, but I'm going to need to spend much of my remaining time until New Year's working on a paper. Sorry!... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2004-12-27

PyPE 2.x

Indeed, there will be more PyPE. I have a direction I'd like PyPE to move, and it would be there if I hadn't been employed full time developing with Python over the summer (contract ends in a week), and doing research on an interesting problem for graduate work.

Fear not however, I have the framework built, and 90% of PyPE 1.x can be transferred with no change, though I'm going to do a bit of work on the auto-indent and parser.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2004-09-19

State of PyPE

As most people will notice, PyPE has become better with each subsequent release. Version 1.9.1 works pretty well, and has most everything that I want/need, which begs the question: Where will PyPE go from here?

Honestly, I don't know. I didn't really have a direction for PyPE when I first started, other than wanting it to be stable, fast and useful. I believe it fulfills those goals right now, and future versions likely won't have significantly more features than PyPE does right now. Perhaps a few more options like coloring function and class definitions, maybe new icons, maybe moving the todo items into the browsable source tree, makes sense.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2004-02-17

PyPE released (little fanfare)

PyPE has just been released (as the subject says), with a few fixes over the 24-hour-old release of 1.6.5. If you really want to know the fixes, there's the changelog to check.

The real fanfare ordeal is PyPE 1.6.5, which includes support for Unicode on systems that support it. There are, of course, a few visual modifications, bugfixes, etc., but yeah, Unicode and stuff.

While I have no need for unicode (only really being able to speak English), there are seemingly ~6 billion people on this planet, some of which have access to computers, many of which DON'T speak English, and have a use for PyPE.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2003-11-01

PyPE 1.4.2

With the inclusion of calltips, autocomplete, a browsable source tree, multiple open documents, pathmarks (like pseudo-projects), per-user preferences, code snippets, and other features; PyPE has become a very usable, if not nearly complete editor for Python source editing.

With only slightly more than a month since its first release, PyPE has grown from 'good enough' to 'better than most', incorporating those features needed for all Python source editing, and even those not found in (m)any others.... read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2003-08-09

PyPE, less than 1 week old, already a point release (1.1)

Once the few bugs that remained were found and quashed, feature addition has commenced.

This release includes better documentation, better source layout, and last but not least; Pathmarks. It's like bookmarks for paths. Like having a project file, without having a project file.

Still using a plain text editor for your source editing needs? Give PyPE a try, you may find yourself with a new editor.

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2003-07-12

PyPE 1.0 (Python Programmers Editor), initial releasse

Do you find yourself looking for a new Python editor every few months? Finding IDLE spawns too many windows? Feel like there isn't anything out there that is scratching your itch for a Python source editor?

Yeah, me too, but noy anymore. PyPE was written to answer the call for an editor with syntax highlighting, tabbed views, and other useful features that a Python programmer wants and needs.

For a screenshot of what it currently looks like, check it out here: read more

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2003-07-07