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PyPE 2.1 release

Skipping a 2.0 release (because I've been numbering the betas 2.0.x), we've gone straight to a non-beta 2.1 . I've been running this version for the last week or so, and it has been quite solid so far. This is a suggested upgrade to everyone who has ever run PyPE.

A big thank you to Dave Schuyler, who poked and prodded me for months during the various betas suggesting features and offering code, I don't know how many revisions we emailed back and forth (but I could probably count if I really wanted to). He is directly and/or indirectly responsible for much of the intuitive Find/Replace behavior, the toolbar, swapping locations of the name/line and log bars, Search tab, smartcasing, ctags, and others.

Astute observers will note that this is the first non-beta release in over a year. For those of you who have been unwilling to run the Betas (are there any?), this will be a big change for you. As such, I've hidden the download for 1.9.3, which has had over 4600 downloads since its release last year. Not bad at all. Let's see if we can break 10k on this one.

Spelunkers will notice an unfinished C/C++ parser in the module. I will likely finish it by the next release, but wouldn't be averse to the idea of a user-supplied parser.

As always, check the changelogs, look through the menus, and enjoy!

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2012-09-14

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