PyPE 2.x

Indeed, there will be more PyPE. I have a direction I'd like PyPE to move, and it would be there if I hadn't been employed full time developing with Python over the summer (contract ends in a week), and doing research on an interesting problem for graduate work.

Fear not however, I have the framework built, and 90% of PyPE 1.x can be transferred with no change, though I'm going to do a bit of work on the auto-indent and parser.

There will be a plugin system, in fact, most everything that existed in the menus before, will become a plugin. It will include options to register hotkeys and all that other good stuff, perhaps even menu additions. Plugins will be optional, select as many or as few as you desire, even where each plugin will be (above, below, to the left, or to the right of the editing window).

With this plugin system will come all sorts of strange and wonderful things:
1. Filesystem browser (with pathmarks)
2. Project manager (project files with folder structure for organization, perhaps with auto-generation of files)
3. Find in current document/files will be moved to a plugin.
4. Todo will become a plugin, will allow arbitrary strings (todo list, fixme list, etc), and will have options for per-document, all open documents, AND current open project.

If someone wants to write an interpreter plugin, while I wouldn't ever ship it with PyPE, I would provide a link (I've been bitten by interpreter+editor crashes before).

I'll also be including the ability to 'split' the window vertically or horizontally once, so that if you want to be viewing two parts of the same document, or even view two different documents simultaneously, you would be able.

Yeah, all sorts of good stuff is going to be coming to PyPE, and I'm sorry it is not already done. But hey, for-pay software gets priority over for-fun software.

Posted by Josiah Carlson 2004-09-19

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