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One Dev
  • One Dev

    One Dev - 2004-10-10

    I'm running PyPE 1.9.3 on Windows XP and I've never been able to get Autocomplete to work. I've got the option (Documents -> Show Autocomplete) checked in the menu, but it doesn't seem to work.

    For example, if have imported cStringIO and I type:
    I'm expecting to see a dropdown of cStringIO's methods.

    Likewise, if have a variable:
    data = cStringIO.StringIO()
    Then when I type:
    I'm expecting to see a dropdown of cStringIO.StringIO's methods & properties.

    The only difference between having autocomplete on and off is that when I type the very first character on a line, there is the briefest flash of a dropdown that doesn't appear to have any data in it. Also, when I type a variable and then a period, when I type the very first character following the period, there is again a brief flash of an empty dropdown.

    If I hit F5, the only thing that happens is a message in the status bar is displayed:
    [Sat Oct 09 18:41:04 2004] Browsable source tree, autocomplete and tooltips updated for in 0.0 seconds.

    Any ideas?

    • Josiah Carlson

      Josiah Carlson - 2004-10-10

      Autocomplete is only usable for those functions/methods in the current open file. That is, if you define the below in the current file...

      def my_function(arg1, arg2, arg3):

      And you refresh the browsable source tree with 'F5', typing "my_" will get you an alphabetical listing of functions/methods/keywords, likely focused on "my_function"

      This is not full autocomplete a'la MS Visual Studio, Eric3, or even a few others.

      If you want full autocomplete, you're going to have to write it yourself or use another editor. Sorry.

      • One Dev

        One Dev - 2004-10-11

        Ah, thanks for the clarification. Know of any Python editors with full autocomplete?

        • Josiah Carlson

          Josiah Carlson - 2004-10-11

          WingIDE has it, though it feels slow even on a fast machine.

          I believe Eric3 has it (though it requires QT, which is only really available for free on Linux).

          DrPython seems to have it via plugin.

          I'm sorry that PyPE didn't have everything you were looking for. Maybe it will in the future.

          • One Dev

            One Dev - 2004-10-11

            Thanks for the info on the other programs. PyPE is great, but I'm a major fan of full-fledged autocomplete.

            Looks like I'm off to the DrPython forums to see why the CodeComplete plugin isn't working for me. ;)

            • Josiah Carlson

              Josiah Carlson - 2004-10-11

              It's cool. Everyone has their own requirements in an editor. I hope you find the editor you are looking for.


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