PyPE on 2.5 branch of wxPython

  • Peter Damoc

    Peter Damoc - 2004-04-07

    there are a lot of problems with this combo...
    Will there be a PyPE version for 2.5.x version of wx ?

    • Josiah Carlson

      Josiah Carlson - 2004-04-07

      I'll update PyPE to use wxPython 2.5 when I have the
      time.  I'll try to make time for it tomorrow, but today I've got classes unti 7PM.

      • Peter Damoc

        Peter Damoc - 2004-04-08

        Hey man, I'm not using PyPE for life support :D so tomorrow sounds fine :D anyway the bugs were not show stoppers.
        Keep up the good work ;)

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-08-11

      My code tree (that panel in the top right with all the method/class listings) isn't refreshing at all with wxPython 2.5. I checked in the console, traced the error, and nuked one parameter of code. Refresh ENABLED :D

      def getchlist(self, parent):
                  #when using ItemHasChildren(parent)
                  #an assert exception saying "can't retrieve virtual root item"
                  #kept coming up.
                  #for some reason GetChildrenCount(parent, 0) doesn't.
                  numchildren = self.GetChildrenCount(parent, 0)
                  lst = {}
                  if numchildren>0:
                      ch, cookie = self.GetFirstChild(parent)#, wxNewId())  <--- Nuked parameter
                      lst[self.GetItemText(ch)] = [ch]
                      for i in xrange(numchildren-1):
                          ch, cookie = self.GetNextChild(parent, cookie)
                          txt = self.GetItemText(ch)
                          if txt in lst:
                              lst[txt] = [ch]
                  return lst

      • Josiah Carlson

        Josiah Carlson - 2004-08-11

        I also found that bug while working on PyPE 2.x.  Now there are two reasons to cut a 1.9.4 release.  If I have time, I'll make it happen.


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