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--- a
+++ b/MANIFEST.in
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
+# include all python files
+global-include *.py
+global-include *.pyw
+# include the macros, plugins and icon directories
+graft macros
+graft plugins
+graft icons
+# include information in this directory
+include *.txt
+include *.html
+include *.rc.cfg
+include PKG-INFO
+# include this file, to ensure we can recreate source distributions
+include MANIFEST.in
+# exclude all of the subversion metadata
+global-exclude *.svn*
+global-exclude .svn/*
+global-exclude macros/.svn/*
+global-exclude macros/samples/.svn/*
+global-exclude icons/.svn/*
+global-exclude plugins/.svn/*
+#exclude all bytecode
+global-exclude *.pyo
+global-exclude *.pyc