Pyparsing 1.4.1 released

I know it's only been about 3 weeks since 1.4 was released, but I introduced
some minor but annoying "enhancements" - most significantly, I used a Python
2.4-only generator expression, which broke Python 2.3 compatibility.

This minor release also gives me a chance to quick turnaround some
suggestions/requests from early downloaders of 1.4b1 and 1.4.

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions and feedback.

Download pyparsing 1.4.1 at

-- Paul

Pyparsing is a pure-Python class library for quickly developing
recursive-descent parsers. Parser grammars are assembled directly in
the calling Python code, using classes such as Literal, Word,
OneOrMore, Optional, etc., combined with operators '+', '|', and '^'
for And, MatchFirst, and Or. No separate code-generation or external
files are required. Pyparsing can be used in many cases in place of
regular expressions, with shorter learning curve and greater
readability and maintainability. Pyparsing comes with a number of
parsing examples, including:
- "Hello, World!" (English and Korean)
- chemical formulas
- configuration file parser
- web page URL extractor
- 5-function arithmetic expression parser
- subset of CORBA IDL
- chess portable game notation
- simple SQL parser
- Mozilla calendar file parser
- EBNF parser/compiler

Version 1.4.1 - February, 2006
- Converted generator expression in QuotedString class to list
comprehension, to retain compatibility with Python 2.3. (Thanks, Titus
Brown for the heads-up!)

- Added searchString() method to ParserElement, as an alternative to
using "scanString(instring).next()[0][0]" to search through a string
looking for a substring matching a given parse expression. (Inspired by
e-mail conversation with Dave Feustel.)

- Modified oneOf to accept lists of strings as well as a single string
of space-delimited literals. (Suggested by Jacek Sieka - thanks!)

- Removed deprecated use of Upcase in pyparsing test code. (Also caught by
Titus Brown.)

- Removed lstrip() call from Literal - too aggressive in stripping
whitespace which may be valid for some grammars. (Point raised by Jacek
Sieka). Also, made Literal more robust in the event of passing an empty

- Fixed bug in replaceWith when returning None.

- Added cautionary documentation for Forward class when assigning a
MatchFirst expression, as in:
fwdExpr << a | b | c
Precedence of operators causes this to be evaluated as:
(fwdExpr << a) | b | c
thereby leaving b and c out as parseable alternatives. Users must
explicitly group the values inserted into the Forward:
fwdExpr << (a | b | c)
(Suggested by Scot Wilcoxon - thanks, Scot!)

Posted by Paul McGuire 2006-02-06

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