pyparsing 1.1.1 released

(This release corrects the bug introduced in version 1.1, and adds compatibility for Python 2.2.)

New features in 1.1:
- simplified parse actions - parse action functions now only need to return
modified parse tokens, not a tuple of location and tokens - the example code
has been updated to reflect the new style (Old style is deprecated, but
still supported for backward compatibility.)
- added validate() method to parse elements, to help identify improperly
recursive grammar definitions
- better str() output for parse elements, more similar to traditional BNF

Fixed bugs:
- infinite loop in oneOf if the input string contains a duplicate token
- quoted strings do not span newlines (bug introduced in 1.0.6)
- bad matching when specifying a results name on an Optional parse element

Posted by Paul McGuire 2004-03-07

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