1.4 beta 1 results

  • Paul McGuire

    Paul McGuire - 2005-12-28

    This release has been downloaded about 100 times now.  Can any of you please reply to this message, and report any results from upgrading to 1.4.  I'm especially interested in:
    - performance results
    - use of the new Regex class
    - regression bugs, especially using Word, oneOf, and any of the quoted string helpers

    -- Paul

    • John Beisley

      John Beisley - 2006-01-02

      Running pyparser 1.4 beta 1 against my code which was using both the skipTo and Regex patches - seems to run okay. No noticable speed increase, but I was already making heavy (and explicit) use of Regex.

      The code I mention does not use oneOf(), as I had already replaced use of oneOf() with Regex instances in my own code. However, some whitebox tests I performed on oneOf() seemed to produce successful results.

      - John


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