Hello everyone

As most of you are aware, Pypar (parallel programming with Python) has been migrated from the now obsolete Numeric package
to the new numpy module. I have verified that the distribution installs using setup.py (thanks Prabhu) and passes the tests in test_pypar.py. However, I would be grateful if you guys could check if this version works for you and for any feedback you may have. If it all works, we can go for the beta release!

The new version has been named pypar_2.0alpha_28 on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pypar).
The number 2.0alpha is the major release number, the number 28 refers to the Subversion revision (pypar was moved to sourceforge's svn repository last month. Previous CVS log files are archived in the new repository).
The specific download of pypar is available at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pypar/pypar-2.0alpha_28.tgz
and that will provide all you need to get going, including testing the pypar package.

There are two more packages on sourceforge. They are
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pypar/pypar_demos-2.0alpha_28.tgz (demos) and
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pypar/pypar_documentation-2.0alpha_28.tgz (DOC, FAQ, and LaTeX drafts).

I tested that all the demos work except for the mandelbrot example which relies on PIL and hasn't got the parallel versions anyway. I will fix that as soon as we have made sure that the new distribution works. The documentation is (typically) very much work in progress.

Thanks you very much for your contributions
Ole Nielsen
Geoscience Australia