Transparency problem

  • ejlozon

    ejlozon - 2005-02-01

    I'm using slack 10, and am having problems with the transparency of pypanel. It is always completely transparent - no shading. This occurs regardless of what I specify in .pypanelrc. I have tried using PyPanel 2.0 and 2.1 and using python 2.3 and 2.4. Imlib 1.2.0 and python-xlib 0.12 are installed.

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2005-02-01

      Yep it's broke, thanks for finding and pointing it out.  This is the same problem I was having with the Imlib2 1.2.0 shared image loaders, they give undefined symbols when loaded from Python.  The shade routine uses an Imlib2 shared filter lib and it happens there as well.

      Looks like I may have a solution to this.  I'll tinker with the fix a few more days and release it with version 2.2 shortly.


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