don't show certain programs - option

  • Ardanwen

    Ardanwen - 2004-01-14

    Hi. Love the way pypanel looks, only problem now is that when you use it conjunction with gdesklets, you get an application window on the bar for each desklet you use (12 or so in my case).

    Could you add an option in the config for 'don't show windows of this name in the taskbar'?

    Otherwise, the bar looks smooth :)

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2004-01-15

      Look for that feature in the next release which should be sometime this month ..

    • GenKreton

      GenKreton - 2004-03-29

      Can anyone point me to the location of this option if it does exist now?

      • Jon Gelo

        Jon Gelo - 2004-03-29

        The option in .pypanelrc is  'HIDE_LIST', just add application names to this list that you don't want to appear on the panel.  Here's an example -

        HIDE_LIST = ["xmms", "MPlayer"]

        The application name comes from its WM_CLASS setting, you can use xprop to get it.

    • toneman77

      toneman77 - 2007-12-25

      I dont know if thats the right place to post, but there was one thing that annoyed me in pypanel. You can "blacklist" applications from appearing with the option HIDE_LIST that blacklistet apps with its WM_CLASS name. I put Skype and Pidgin in there and they were gone. But I just wanted the buddylists to disappear not the conversations.

      if you change line 747
      tclass = obj.get_full_property(Xatom.WM_CLASS, Xatom.STRING)
      tclass = obj.get_full_property(Xatom.WM_NAME, Xatom.STRING)
      it is possible to just blacklist e.g. Pidgins buddylist but not the conversation windows

      you can use "xprop|grep WM_NAME" to find out



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