Upgrade of imlib2-1.2.0 breaks stuff.

  • César Catrián C.

    Hi list

    Yesterday I upgraded imlib2 in my system and the shading dissapeared on PyPanel.

    And I had to patch it to make it compile on pkgsrc (NetBSD), because the compiler flags were ordered in wrong way.

    When I start PyPanel, imlib2 complains about several NULL args passed to the functions.


      Csar Catrin C.

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2005-01-15

      I'm working on a fix to address both the Imlib2-1.2.0 issue and the setup.py compiler flags issue.  Hope to have the next release out very soon.

    • César Catrián C.

      I've read a message in a mailing list about the last release of tiff-3.7.1 breaking some transparency stuff on windowmaker. Imlib2 depends on tiff, so it could be interesting.



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