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  • César Catrián C.

    I am using PyPanel with Openbox 3. It looks really cool, and I am using chbg to switch wallpapers at a given time. I have 9 virtual desktops configured, and every time I switch between desktops, all the applications look as reloaded at the taskbar and it is very noticeable when the CPU is busy. It seems to redraw the taskbar at every change. That was the first comment.

    The second comment. I am using chbg ( ) to switch between wallpapers. Every one hour, a new picture is shown. But sometimes, once every two or three days, chbg switchs wallpaper, and PyPanel is shown only in one desktop. The problem is solved killing and restarting chbg (which act as a daemon), a new wallpaper is loaded, then PyPanel is shown again at every desktop.

    I am really satisfied with PyPanel, I've tried several taskbars and PyPanel is really friendly with my low resources. Those are the only problems I have.


    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2005-03-18

      You're right about the panel being reloaded.  When you change desktops, the task list is updated, the panel cleared and then redrawn with the new tasks.  I'll look into optimizing this code, one way would be to migrate some of it to the C extension but then we'd be moving further away from the 'Py' in PyPanel!

      As for chbg, I'll check it out and see if I can reproduce/fix the issues.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • César Catrián C.

      With release 2.4, all those problems are gone.



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