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Image as icon

  • R Midwinter

    R Midwinter - 2004-11-03

    How would you load an alternative image as an icon?

    For what I'm trying to do I'd prefer not to set it in ~/.Xdefaults and I can't find any documentation on ppicon (which I assume takes the icon image from ~/.Xdefaults) by googling.


    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2004-11-03

      PyPanel does not provide the option to choose alternative icons for individual applications.

      It does allow you to choose one custom icon for all applications that don't provide one by default (e.g. xterm).  For these applications, the icon can be configured by the ICON setting in ~/.pypanelrc

      ppicon takes image data provided by an application and sends it to Imlib2 for rendering.

      Hope this helps answer your question ..


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