More 'applets' to come?

Joe Hill
  • Joe Hill

    Joe Hill - 2004-05-05

    Any chance that future versions of PyPanel will allow for applets like a mailcheck for example? Would be nice to completely replace the dock/harbour in Pekwm with this panel only.

    ...and before someone says 'it's easy, it''s Python, code it yerself ya lazy bum', realistically that just ain't gonna happen anytime soon ;-)

    Otherwise, very happy with this project, nicely done! Especially like the raising and lowering with the mousewheel, nice touch.

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2004-07-20

      Joe, sorry for the late reply!  Version 1.3 was just released which does introduce a System Tray for 'dockable' apps.

    • Joe Hill

      Joe Hill - 2004-07-30

      Cool! Now, all I have to do is find some systray apps to replace things like wmmaiload, wmnetload, etc.

      Can anyone suggest some? I'd rather avoid KDE apps, but Gnome or others would be the meantime I'll spend some time on Google.

      Anyhow, many thanks, just keeps getting better!

    • Joe Hill

      Joe Hill - 2004-08-02

      I don't want to be an irritant, but just to clarify, will the system tray applet in PyPanel load things like gnome-applets (volume control, mailcheck, etc.) or just 'notification' type icons for Gaim and such?

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2004-08-24

      Joe, no problem!  The panel only supports notification/tray icons and no full blown applet type programs.  In trying to keep the panel lightweight, I don't foresee adding support for applets or other plugins at this time.


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