Desktop Number Display

Joe Hill
  • Joe Hill

    Joe Hill - 2004-09-09

    I use PyPanel with Pekwm, and it displays the 1st desktop as '0', 2nd as '1', and so on. Any way to have it display desktop 1 as '1'?

    Or is this behaviour unique to Pekwm?

    • Jon Gelo

      Jon Gelo - 2004-09-10

      You'll find a few others that do that as well, like FVWM.  Basically, if pypanel can't find the _NET_DESKTOP_NAMES atom, it will just use the number of the desktop as the name.  In the new version i'm working on, there's a config option to allow setting desktop names which would be useful for WMs like PekWM which don't set it.

      I can send you a quick patch for this functionality if you'd like, just send me an email and let me know ..

    • Joe Hill

      Joe Hill - 2004-09-10

      It's possible I can name my desktops in Pekwm, I've just never bothered to check the docs about that.

      Thanks for the tip, I'll write you if I need to.

      Thanks once again!


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