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OpenGLContext 2.0.0a2 Available

Adds texture downloading, caching, and a refactored
Loader mechanism. Upshot is that the system can now load considerably more "wild" VRML97 content.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2003-01-19

OpenGLContext 2.0.0a1 Available

This is the first alpha release of the rewritten OpenGLContext project. It includes lots of new features, and a very different structure. It also requires Python 2.2.x+, so users of older Python should definitely stick with the 1.0 series. This is still an alpha, so expect bugs.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2003-01-10

PyOpenGL (alpha) available

This is the first new release in a long time. Basically it just fixes some bugs and tries to fix some of the build-system problems. There are no new features of note. Note that this is an _alpha_ release, intended primarily for testing by developers and packagers, not end-users.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2003-01-10

PyOpenGL 2 final!

Rejoice! PyOpenGL 2 final is out! For those that haven't tried out the betas remember that there are some incompatibilities between PyOpenGL 1.5.x and In general porting is not difficult (IMHO). For more details see the documentation.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-09-01

OpenGLContext 1.0a1 Available

First alpha of the "Learning Environment for PyOpenGL" is now available. Provides batteries-included contexts for a number of GUI libraries, and sample code for the beginning PyOpenGL programmer.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2001-08-22

PyOpenGL Usage Survey

I've posted a survey about PyOpenGL usage. Please fill out a copy and help out the development effort!

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-08-11

CVS Changes

The PyOpenGL modules have been renamed in CVS. PyOpenGL 1.5.7 is now PyOpenGL1 and PyOpenGL2.0 is now PyOpenGL2. See for more details.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-08-08

PyOpenGL 1.5.7

The final release of PyOpenGL 1.5.7 is now available.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-07-31


PyOpenGLSWIG is now available, featuring a new extension loading mechanism.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-07-26

PyOpenGLSWIG beta 3

Beta 3 of PyOpenGLSWIG has been released along with the PyOpenGLSWIG-docs package. For changes see the release notes.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-07-14

PyOpenGL1.5.7b1 and PyOpenGLSWIG

PyOpenGL1.5.7b1 and PyOpenGLSWIG are now available!

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-07-09

PyOpenGLSWIG 2.0b1

The first beta of PyOpenGLSWIG 2.0 is now available!

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-06-27

PyOpenGLSWIG 2.0a4

PyOpenGLSWIG 2.0a4 has been released. This is mostly a bug fix release, including some significant fixes in the build system.

Posted by Tarn Weisner Burton 2001-06-14

Tarn Added to Developer's List

Tarn has been working on the PyOpenGLSWIG project, he's now our newest official Developer. See the PyOpenGLSWIG project for the future of PyOpenGL.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2001-04-30

1.5.6 Final Available

See the downloads page, enjoy, enjoy.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2001-01-22

Version 1.5.6b1 Available

PyOpenGL 1.5.6b1 is now available for Python 1.5.2 and 2.0 in Win32 executable and source .tar.gz formats. Version 1.5.6 is now feature-frozen, with only bug fixes and installer updates expected before the final release. Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-12-15

OpenGLContext checked into CVS

Side project to create a consistent interface to OpenGL contexts from PyOpenGL has been checked into the CVS as project OpenGLContext. Has basic Tk and Fox contexts as well as "interactive" wx and GLUT contexts. Still very early stage of development.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-11-27

1.5.6a2 Available for Testing

PyOpenGL 1.5.6a2 is the second testing release for those on Win32 systems without compilers (or those without CVS access). Includes revised setup by Rene, a version that works with Python 2.0 (again by Rene).

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-11-03

1.5.6a1 Release available for testing

Current CVS tree, with distutils-based setup. This release is primarily for testing the distribution and letting people play with the newer functions that have been added since 1998 without requiring a compiler on win32.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-09-25

Distutils script in CVS, Demos checked in

Rene's Distutils script is now checked in, as are the PyOpenGL 1.5.5 demos. Still need to revise the distutils script to include the .py files as part of the distribution.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-09-19

Code updated, 3 new functions, wgl module fixed

Previously missing functions for glDrawArrays
Traditional glPushName glPopName hit-checking
wgl module
Win32 module wgl is now built with

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-08-01

Uploaded preliminary design for the homepage

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2000-06-25

CVS repository is there

HI, ok, now you can use the repository. I'm just about to create a module (named pyopengl) in the repository, so that you can check it out using this name.

Posted by Thomas Malik 2000-06-20

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