Take a look at the pyfx project;  I've gotten their version of pycg to work.



On Dec 24, 2007 3:30 AM, JoN <jon@webprophets.net.au> wrote:

I am trying to run lesson47 from the NeHe site, the python implementation.

I have Python 2.5 on Win32 (doze XP).
Other Python stuff runs Ok.

Trying to import the Cg module.

I found an old version of PyCg but its made using SWIG which I don't understand
(not about to either unless I'm driven to it).  It can't import its own _Cg.dll,
I dont know why, the installer put everything in site-packages.

Is there a more current verson of PyCg around or are we all stuffed on this point?

Or is it a path/setup problem and there is something I can change to make it import?

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Jon Holdsworth

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