You are correct, I would like to use textures that are not of power 2 in dimension.  I have an Nvidia Quadro FX 3450 that mysteriously supports it.  I seem to have found a work around using the gluBuild2DMipmaps call, the appear to automatically pad the image correctly.  I guess I should read the documentation a little closer! 

On 11/13/06, Matt Bailey <mattb@rtccom.net> wrote:
Hrrrmmm, OpenGL textures should always have dimensions that are a power of 2.
Are you saying you want to use images that do not conform to this? This
normally is not possible, I don't know of a way around it. If that's what
you're trying to do, I'm surprised it works on any video card at all.

        -Matt Bailey

On Monday 13 November 2006 13:46, Andrew Wilson set 1,000 monkies in front of
keyboards and the following appeared:
> Hello,
>   I'm trying to load some textures that do not have width and height of
> 2n+2.  It seems that this works great on some graphics cards and bombs on
> other cards.  I know it is supposed to be 2n+2 but why would some cards let
> me do this and others not?  And any suggestions on how to detect if the
> graphics card is compatible?  Also any suggestions on efficient padding so
> that the images still co-register properly?
>   Thanks
>   Andrew

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