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-††††††††† My hope was to avoid having to do my own 3D-vector- and matrix-classes for doing linear algebra, and just use numpyís abilities. It turns out that this is not always so effortless Ė e.g. to multiply a matrix with a vector from the right, I have to make sure itís a column vector. To transform a 3D vector with a 4x4 matrix, I have to append an extra 1.0 element, do the multiplication, and then slice off the 4th element again. Looks like it would be cleaner to write out the whole matrix/vector multiplication by hand.
Scale and rotate matrices need only be 3x3 matrices.† Translation matrices, which must be 4x4, can instead be expressed as simple addition: e.g., vertex_array += array([1,2,6])† You might also want to consider keeping your vertices as vec4s--that's how OpenGL stores vertices interally, even if you only define the x and y, or the x,y, and z coordinates.† You may also consider using OpenGL's own matrix system.† It's technically deprecated--but it's still an awes