Good evening,

Thank you for your reply.I do not mean wrapping geometry.

Basically I have some phase data expressed in radians, which could be anything between -15 and +15. I want to display this phase wrapped with min and max value between 2.

I am getting the phase map as 2D numpy array in polar coordinates. And i need to display this phase map not as a square but as a disk, which i can do with texture mapping. The phase map has type float and i want the grayscale to be ranging between 0 and 2 and not between -15 and 15. I have tried to apply the grayscale "wrapping" before the mapping but it does not lead to satisfactory result, I believe applying it after the polar to cartesian is better. It is how it is currently done with the CPU but I am interested to implement it on GPU.

I hope it is a bit clearer. Please do not hesitate to ask me to clarify things.


On 4 November 2011 16:51, Ian Mallett <> wrote:
What do you mean by wrapping? Is this like wrapping geometry? Or implicitly wrapping in texture space? Or doing filtering across texel boundaries?

Can you describe basically what you're trying to do?